Client Testimonials

Improved Credit Scores

Candy Coated Credit's fast credit repair services have helped numerous clients achieve noticeable improvements in their credit scores within just a few months. Our personalized approach to credit repair has empowered individuals to take control of their financial future and secure better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Funding for Real Estate Deals

Our clients have shared their success stories of securing funding on commercial real estate deals after working with Candy Coated Credit. Our personalized financial planning services have played a crucial role in helping individuals navigate the complexities of real estate financing, leading to tangible results and increased financial stability.


Commercial Funding

They were so helpful and patient that it made the CRE whole process much easier. 

David K. Clark


You will be working with commercial investors who work only with commercial real estate and know the commercial market. I have worked with this company for a year now. I highly recommend them for their professional guidance they have given to me. 

Mary Banks


The Candy Coated Credit Team is knowledgeable and worked to find and provide us with funding for the assets we gave for our specific investment needs.

Carolyn Bromosky

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