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At Candy Coated Credit, we specialize in sweetening your financial health with fast credit repair for fast approvals. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we're committed to crafting personalized financial planning solutions that align with your goals. If you have ever had a less than stellar credit experience, we can turn these situations around.


Credit Repair

Improve your credit score with our expert dispute strategies and personalized credit repair solutions.

Credit Counseling

Empower your financial decisions with our comprehensive credit counseling services.

Debt Management

Reduce and manage your debt with tailored plans and negotiation support from our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does credit repair take?

The duration of credit repair can vary based on your specific financial situation. Most clients see notable improvements within 3 to 6 months of engaging with our services.

What makes your credit counseling different?

Our credit counseling stands out thanks to personalized financial planning, comprehensive education resources, and ongoing support to ensure you're equipped to manage your credit effectively.

Can debt management help me avoid bankruptcy?

Yes, our debt management plans are designed to provide you with alternatives to bankruptcy, helping to negotiate your debts to manageable levels and setting you on a solid path to financial recovery.

“Thanks to Candy Coated Credit, I was able to improve my credit score significantly in just a few months. Their personalized approach and constant support made all the difference!”

Jordan M.

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Candy Coated Credit is dedicated to transforming the financial futures of individuals in Charlotte, North Carolina, and beyond. With a focus on fast credit repair for quick approvals, we offer a range of services designed to enhance your financial wellbeing. Our team of experts combines industry knowledge with a personal touch, delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique needs. Trust us to guide you through your credit repair journey with transparency, professionalism, and the dedicated support you deserve.